About us

Future Africa Forum is a platform for thought leadership that partners with organizations to build a better Africa. We bring together the greatest African thinkers to research and amplify bold ideas and solutions that create tangible and sustainable change across the continent.

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Our approach


We collect and analyze data, which aids our partners in making decisions and coming up with bold and actionable ideas that have a lasting impact on the continent.


We amplify our solutions through our continental convening ability and network of policy makers, thought-leaders and partners.

Core areas

Preparing Africa for the future by delivering bold ideas and solutions

A future that sees African economies thrive and become diverse, connected and secure.


A future that provides all communities with sufficient access to basic human rights.


A future where Africa is resilient and can effectively respond to societal and economic threats.


Mapping the Role of  Markets in Human Flourishing

Future Africa Forum was honoured to partner with the Legatum Insitute to develop and host the Nairobi Chapter of the 2022 Templeton World Charity Foundation’s “Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing”. The conference was designed to identify a pathway to enable individuals, communities, and countries to fulfill their potential and flourish.

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Policy Forum: An Africa Agenda for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

We hosted our high-level policy forum on health security in Africa with Pandemic Action Network and alongside some incredible African health experts.
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