Lillian Beauttah is a Future Africa Forum contributor and expert. Lillian Beauttah is a Sustainable Design and Build Manager fascinated by the significant yet largely uncharted role that building professionals could and should play in achieving sustainable economies.

Her work experience includes construction management dealing in budget, schedule and quality management of builds. Prior to this, she worked as a contract consultant for sustainable design with Kijani Engineering. Here her main focus was developing concept designs for sustainable construction and linking clients to entrepreneurial finance. In addition she is also a qualified ‘EDGE Buildings Expert’. This is a ratings tool developed by the IFC to simplify the design and accreditation of green buildings for the developing world.

Lillian holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nairobi. She is certified as well in ‘Social Enterprise Management’, having worked in Mumbai as an IDEX Global Fellow advancing the work of socially and environmentally-focused enterprise , ‘Sampurn-(e)arth’ . Here, she developed city funding proposals and co-authored a policy document on solid waste management while developing the company’s SROI (Social Return on Investment) calculator.