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Our exclusive network of experts are actively shaping the future of Africa by contributing insights and solutions to some of the continent’s biggest challenges. By becoming a contributor, individuals gain access to Future Africa Forum’s thought-leadership platform where they can share ideas, connect with a community of like-minded individuals and convene with key policymakers.

To qualify, contributors must be able to demonstrate academic and high level work experience in the areas of Economic, Societal and Resilient futures. If you meet the requirements and you feel you have something to add to the future of Africa, please complete the form below.

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Core areas

We are always on the lookout for experts in any of our three areas of focus

A future that sees African economies thrive and become diverse, connected and secure.


A future that provides all communities with sufficient access to basic human rights.


A future where Africa is resilient and can effectively respond to societal and economic threats.


Focus on

Elizabeth Abubakar

Elizabeth Abubakar is an astute legal consultant, researcher and an advocate for sustainable development goals. She provides advisory in areas to include Public Policy and Development, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Corporate and Impact Investment. She is a legal and development consultant at the Secretariat to the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (under the Office of Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria) on the Ease of Doing Business Project. With a particular focus on the Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs), this reform project seeks to deploy innovative and sustainable solutions to removing bureaucratic constraints to doing business in Nigeria and improve the nation’s economy and investment climate.